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Removals Aaron's Hill

Moving house requires so much to come together all at once. We are here to help with removals and advice, as part of Helpiammoving.com® we have put together useful information, top removal tips to help you move house and choose the right Removal company. Here, we give you moving expenses, how to get help with moving, and tips to make it all easier to handle

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Our top removals tips Aaron's Hill

  1. Don’t move house on a Friday. Even though the weekend gives you time to settle into your new home, in reality it is the worst day of the week to move house in Aaron's Hill. Removal companies often charge a premium for Friday removals.
  2. Check your current household insurance before you buy insurance from your removal company, some will cover you for moving house.
  3. Start to pack up early, pack items you don't use often, like book and CDs. You can buy moving boxes on-line and this helps to show the removal company you are serious about packing up.
  4. Organise yourself with lists. Everything you need to do and checklists for moving house help. This helps takes away some of the stress as you will be able to check off everything you do and then see what is left before moving day.
  5. Choose your Aaron's Hill removal company wisely do not be swayed purely on price, after all the removal company you choose will be moving your prize possessions and you will be spending most of the day with them in your home, new and old.

Removals in - Aaron's Hill The Cost of Removals Aaron's Hill

Moving house is a major event in your life with many costs involved. The price you pay for a move consists of many things especially if you are buying or/and selling a house. These can include:
Estate Agent Fees
Taxes (stamp duty)
Valuation fees
Surveyors fees
Cost of the removal company

Removals Job done in - Aaron's Hill Save Money on removal companys Aaron's Hill

Some of the prices to move are fixed, but you are able to change others. One of the easiest ways to save when moving home is to find a exceptional local Aaron's Hill removal company with great value. You can do this by comparing prices by completing a free, no obligation quote request form. The difference between house movers from removals in Aaron's Hill can reach up to 40%, because by comparing removal company prices you can get the best price from them due to the day you want to move, and filling up the space in their diary.

Removals in action - Aaron's Hill How to choose a removal company Aaron's Hill

A good removal company regardless of size should always give you the following:

  • Open and fairness in a quotation. Everything should be in writing, the removal compay should provide you with what is included and not plus a removal date.
  • Ability to offer references of recent moves and removals if asked for.
  • Answer and handle any moving queries you may have.
  • Politeness and ability to make your moves as stress free as possible.
  • Receipts of any deposit paid.
  • Contact numbers for office and porters on the removal day which do not just include a mobile phone number.

What removal companies will expect from the mover:

  • Confirmation of the moving day. Most complaints we find about a removal company is a miss understanding about this where a date has been penciled in but not yet confirmed.
  • Being organized and already packed up if the removal company is not doing your packing for you.
  • Access to the home, and the ability to park a removal van as near to the property as possible.
  • Payment in full on the day or often before the move.

However you find and choose your removal company BE HONEST with them. They are able to give you a more accurate quotation to move, allocate the right sized removal van and enough staff to do the removal move if they know exactly what the removal Aaron's Hill entails. Even the smallest thing can have a bearing on the time spent on the move. If you already know that the wardrobes and beds had to be taken into the house through the bedroom window or that you have altered the stairs since the furniture was taken up, TELL THE REMOVAL COMPANY and they will be happy to bring along tools, ladders, extra staff etc. Remember that the amount of furniture and belongings you write down onto an inventory form will dictate the size of the removal lorry allocated to your move. You wouldn't want a Removal lorry arriving that is too small!!!!

Removals boxes in - Aaron's Hill Declutter

Its good to sort through everything, you will have to anyway. Decide what items you would like to keep, throw out, sell or give away. For lots of tips and hints on de-cluttering please visit helpiammoving.com section on DeCluttering in the advice section of the website. If you separate everything into various piles it is easier to see what you have. The loft is always a good place to start, as nothing is in constant use and therefore can be boxed up well in advance. Books and videos are other items that are often not used frequently and could be sorted out and boxed.

Removals boxes in - Aaron's Hill Enjoy your move. Aaron's Hill

A Good tip on moving day is to have someone stand at the main entrance in, so they can point the removal men in the right direction with furniture and boxes. Remember all the furniture and boxes are yours so don't expect the removal men to know where you would like things to go. If you are having boxes unpacked, the contents will usually be placed onto a table or appropriate surface for you to put away.

Remember to check the removal van when they have finished. Have a look inside so you know there isn't anything left it saves you doubting if everything was unloaded by the removal company. When you move house it can take a while to find things, if they end up in the wrong rooms. If you can't find an item at least you know that it must be in the house somewhere. Have a check around the house before the removal company goes, and if you need anything heavy moving ask the removal men to help you move it, they will be more than happy to help. Don't take advantage though, and have them move everything again and again.

So you are finally in your new home in Aaron's Hill, Surrey. So make the beds, have a glass of something and order in a takeaway. The main thing to do tonight is to go to bed and get a good night sleep.

Sit down & relax. Tomorrow you can start unpacking and sorting out.

Wishing you a Happy Move and a great new future in your new home from all at Helpiammoving.com®

Removals in Aaron's Hill
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