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Our top removals tips Boroughbridge

  1. Don’t move house on a Friday. Even though the weekend gives you time to settle into your new home, in reality it is the worst day of the week to move house in Boroughbridge. Removal companies often charge a premium for Friday removals.
  2. Check your current household insurance before you buy insurance from your removal company, some will cover you for moving house.
  3. Start to pack up early, pack items you don't use often, like book and CDs. You can buy moving boxes on-line and this helps to show the removal company you are serious about packing up.
  4. Organise yourself with lists. Everything you need to do and checklists for moving house help. This helps takes away some of the stress as you will be able to check off everything you do and then see what is left before moving day.
  5. Choose your Boroughbridge removal company wisely do not be swayed purely on price, after all the removal company you choose will be moving your prize possessions and you will be spending most of the day with them in your home, new and old.
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